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WFS PTO Committees

Without the help of our many dedicated and amazing volunteers, the WFS PTO would cease to exist. We welcome new ideas and value the committment of our returning members. Please join us by heading up, joining or learning about a committee here. ANY amount of your time can surely make a lasting impact on your child's school experience. 

AGA Annual Gift Auction
Chair:   Suzanna Cowan, Marisa Kleinot

Each year the women of WFS get together for a night filled with laughter, dancing, dinner and wonderful prizes. This committee gathers gifts/donations that will be raffled off as well as solicit advertising from local businesses. This is a FUNDRAISER for WFS.

Chair:   Malissa Mah

This committee researches and arranges for a variety of assemblies and special school programs sponsored by the PTO for the children throughout the school year. The programs vary each year and cover a wide selection of presentations including: the arts, science, education, recreation, and anti-bullying. This is a SERVICE provided by the PTO for WFS students.

Bagel Sales
Chair:   Kelly Stone, Christine Saksa

Bagel Sales are held twice a month throughout the school year. Volunteers are needed to help set-up and assist children with their purchases. This is done before school starts. This is a FUNDRAISER for WFS.

Chair:   Susan O'Connor Lobbato

This committee is responsible for decorating the inside and outside of the school seasonally to promote school spirit and a festive atmosphere. This is a SERVICE provided by the PTO.

Bells and Whistles Fundraising
Chair:   Helpdesk
Description:   This committee is responsible for tracking the sales of the Paperless PTO Bells and Whistles fundraising program.
Book Fair
Chair:   Malissa Mah, Rosemarie Steffens

This committee coordinates the set-up and running of the book fair twice a year. This is a great way to help your child develop a love for books and encourages a lifetime of reading enjoyment. This is a FUNDRAISER for WFS.


The winter bowling program takes place on selected Fridays in January. It is an after-school activity open to all grades for a nominal fee. This is a SERVICE provided by the PTO.

Box Tops
Chair:   Megan Hohmann

Box Tops are collected throughout the year. They are exchanged for cash donations to our school. This is a FUNDRAISER for WFS.

Chocolate Sales
Chair:   Yvonne Rodriquez-Gonzalez

This committee coordinates delivery of chocolates to each class as well as maintains and tracks all monies collected. This fundraiser runs for 30 days. This is a FUNDRAISER for WFS.

Fifth Grade Activities
Chair:   Rosemarie Steffens, Jennifer Gerstenberg

This committee is comprised of 5th grade parents. They coordinate four events for our graduating class; a picnic, spring social, moving-up ceremony, and yearbook signing breakfast. We also provide their yearbooks for them. All of these are paid for by the PTO and is a SERVICE to our 5th graders.

Flower/Plant Sale
Chair:   Yvonne Rodriguez-Gonzalez

This year we will hold two Flower Sales for Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day. All flowers will be pre-ordered and individually wrapped. The Plant sale will be held in May. This is a FUNDRAISER for WFS.

Folders & Planners
Chair:   Melissa Brunelli

Each year the PTO purchases and distributes calendar style planners for each student in grades 2-5. Each kindergarten and first grade student receives a folder. This committee is responsible for the ordering and distribution of these materials. This is a SERVICE provided by the PTO.

Friday Fun Nights

This committee puts together a fun night on Fridays during Fall and Winter months. The activities change from month to month and may include: Movie Night, Sweetheart Dance, Nerf Wars, Monster Bash, Fun Fair Swinter, Mom's nights. This could be a FUNDRAISER or SERVICE provided by the PTO depending on the activity. 


Golf Outing
Chair:   Tammy Safran

The WFS Golf outing is held to help support WFS. The golf outing fees include green fees, cart, player gift bags, lunch and awards dinner. This is a FUNDRAISER for WFS.

Holiday Shoppe
Chair:   E-Board

The Holiday Shoppe occurs each December and provides a variety of small items for your child to purchase. An outside vendor supplies the gift items and volunteers assist the children with their “shopping” experience. Most items range from $2-$8. This is a FUNDRAISER for WFS.

Chair:   Jessica Kalagassy

The student directory includes the names of all WFS students. Students are listed alphabetically and by grade/teacher. The directory includes all PTO committees and contacts. You may choose NOT to be listed by opting out on the PTO Website. Annual Membership is $15.00 per family and includes website access as well as a directory app key good for 2 devices. This is a SERVICE and a FUNDRAISER for WFS.

Project E.A.T.
Chair:   Staff

This committee coordinates monthly food drives for Open Door in Freehold. Project EAT stands for Everyone Ate Today. This is program allows the children to see the impact their help makes within our community. This is a SERVICE provided by the PTO.

School Store
Chair:   Vianne Glick

New! Shop during Lunch in the School Store! Every 3rd Tuesday from September to May purchase items ranging from $.50 - $5.00 



Teacher Appreciation
Chair:   E-Board

This committee coordinates the distribution of food/gifts to thank the teachers and staff at WFS. Teacher Appreciation occurs many times throughout the school year. This is a SERVICE provided by the PTO.


Children will participate in a walk-a-thon to raise money for a variety of charities. This committee coordinates the logistics of the walk-a-thon and volunteers are needed to help during the actual walk. This is a SERVICE provided by the PTO.

WFS Yearbook
Chair:   Melissa Brunelli, Malissa Mah

This committee formats and compiles a yearbook of the entire school. The yearbook is available for purchase for grades K-4 and is given to all 5th grade students. This is a SERVICE and a FUNDRAISER for WFS.

Winter Enrichment
Chair:   Danielle Liberatore, Maria Mendez

This is an after school program offered on Wednesdays in February for four weeks. Students meet in small groups to discover and explore fun and interesting activities such as: cooking, cake decorating, arts & crafts, duct tape and exercise. Clubs meet immediately after school. This is a FUNDRAISER provided by the PTO.

Yankee Candle
Chair:   Lisa Dickstein

This enables you to purchase Yankee Candle products with a protion of the proceeds going back to the school. This is a FUNDRAISER for WFS.


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